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Teachers for Fall 2021:

Jazz beg: Celina (CH)

Jazz let øve(int): Jenny Major (JM)

Jazz int.: Katrine Holmsnæs (KH)
Jazz øve (Adv): Jenny Major (JM)


Moderne Int + adv: Jenny Major (JM)

Moderne beg: Stephanie Tessier (ST)


Ballet beg: Jenny Major (JM)
Ballet int-adv: Javier Estrela (JE)
, Marie-Claire Silfer (MCS)


Tap beg.: Amanda Darfelt (AD)

Tap int.: T.J. Rizzo

Stretch & Placement: Jenny Major (JM)


”Celina says”


My name is Celina and I will be teaching jazz beginner every Monday at 19:30. The class is build up by a warm up with fokus on the basic jazz vocabulary, across the floor with high legs, jumps and turns, and then finishing off with a choreo, which will be either full on power or more lyrical. There will be a strong focus on musicality and technique in a level where everyone can join, while we're having fun and enjoying to move. I'm educated from both Sceneindgangen and Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, and I can't wait to share my passion for dance with all of you.


“Stephanie says”

I’ve been teaching dance since 2017. I have experience with all ages, and genres like: modern/contemporary, ballet, musical, improvisation and jazz. Throughout years of education, courses and training, I have built up a wide knowledge about movement and the body. In my dance classes I aim to give my students the best conditions for a healthy, technical and smart way of moving. To me, dance is dynamic and honest, and I always try to push my students to search for their own and personal way to express. Uddannelse/kurser 2018-2021: ​Fysioterapeut - Københavns professionshøjskole. 2020: ​Certificeret underviser i Progression Ballet Technique. 2016-2017: ​Danseuddannelse - Balettakademien, Stockholm. 2015-2016: ​Danseuddannelse – Sceneindgangen, København.


“ Javier says”

The design of the class is always thought backwards: what we do in the center decides what we do at the barre. I put special attention on the use of space (three dimensionality), safety (precise corrections are medicine), and the feeling of being on stage. This last characteristic relates to the dancers personality and their reality, and introduces emotion and strength in their moves, which I believe always makes a healthier training. And it’s fun! I originally got my education in classical ballet in Spain. Since then I’ve been privileged to train with some of the world’s best teachers not only in ballet, but also in tap dance, jazz, modern, dance pedagogy and didactics, dance aesthetics and history. I have taught dance at all levels and ages for many years, both in practical and theoretical subjects both in private and public dance educational institutions. My stage work as a professional dancer (about two thousand performances) has been in ballet and modern dance companies, state theatres and musical theatre productions, in Denmark, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

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