SPRING SEASON 2020 (Jan. 6th - May 23rd)

Season cards for 19 Weeks:
1 Class per week:                                             1.500,-
2 Classes per week:                                          2.850,-
3 Classes per week:                                          3.700,- Unlimited for 15 weeks:                                     4.500,-
10 Class Card                                                      850,-
Single Class:                                                       100,-

(12 week class tap courses:                                1.200,-

Sign up at

NOTE: 10 Class cards are valid for all classes EXCEPT TAP! The are valid 1 year from purchase, personal and non refundable in case of loss.


For members of Dansk Skuespillerforbund
Dansk Artistforbund or International Dancers Equity:


Single Class: 100,-
10 Class card: 750,-

All 10 class cards are valid for 1 year from purchase, non refundable and will not be replaced in case of loss.

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  • 10 Class cards are valid for one year from date of purchase

  • 10 class cards are non refundable in case of loss,  

  • Unusued clips on 10 class cards are non refundable before or after expiration.

  • 10 class cards are personal and can not be shared or re-sold.

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