Jenny Major´s modern contemporary classes focus on flow, breath, floor work and elements from Limon and Graham technique. After a thourough warm up with elements of improvisation we focus on expressive contemporary choreography. The choreography is changed every 3 - 4 weeks.

The warm up is kept the same throughout the season, but is built so that you can always join in.

There are 4 levels of Modern/contemporary Classes:

Beginners - Slow Intermediate - Intermediate - Advanced

Beginners classes are taught by Stephanie Tessier

All other levels by Jenny Major.


Sceneindgangen focus on Classical Ballet (and not modern ballet). It can be used by modern or jazz dancers to enhance their technical skills, by ballet dancers to maintain their technique or amateurs to excerise, increase strength and posture or just for the joy of it.


Ballet is taught in 3 levels: Beginner - intermediate - advanced.


The Wednesday intermediate ballet with Marie-Claire Silfer offers 20 min optional point work at the end. Marie-Claire is a dancer with Tivoli Ballet Theatre and gives a fun and inspiring class

Monday classes are taught by Tuuli-Maaria Lindström. Tuuli teaches a dramatic and physical class, where expression and musicality are emphasized.

Anja Hummel teaches on Friday mornings and she offers a very thourough class that is a very good conditioning class for everyone regardless of level, and for getting your alignment in place.


Sceneindgangen offers traditional technical jazz dance, influenced by the various teachers.

The classes start with a thourough warm up the tht builds the basic jazz moves and strengthens your technique. The combination of stretch and strength can vary between teachers. After the warm we go acroos the floor practicing basic jazz steps and working on isolations, turns and jumps. The class ends with choreography where sequences are put together to practice musicality and performance skills. Choreography is changed every 3-4 weeks.


Jazz is taught in 3 levels:

Beginner - intermediate - advenced.

Stretch & Placement

Jenny has developed her own form of body conditioning that includes elements of Yoga, Pilates and Release.


The goal is to place the body properly from the level of the bone structure by carefully releasing and stretching the muscles and strengthening the core.


The whole body gets worked through and the class leaves the body in a feeling of being opened, strengthened and elongated.


Can be used as a warm up class or just as a seperate body conditioning class. Everybody can benefit from this class dancers or non dancers alike.

Advanced stretch on Mondays focus more on stretch than placement and in more advanced combinations. It is not recommended to join this class while injured.

Tap Dance

Tap is one of the oldest dance forms in the theater traditions as it stems all way to african tribe dancing brought to America through the slave trade. Tap has developed through the same roots as jazz music, swing dance and Lindy Hop. Later tap become synonimous with musical theatre dance in the 30´and 40´through legendary dancers like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Bob Fosse.


Here you get the real deal. Good old traditional american tap dance. Tap is not only a great and entertaining way to exercise, but also good for building musicality and a sense of rythm. After all in tap dance.. It is all about the rythm.


Tap is taught in 3 levels:

Beginners - Continuing 1-2 - Continuing 3-4 (seasons of tap experience)

Authentic Jazz

Authentic Jazz is a term used to describe the original roots of jazz dance. Jazz has evolved into a whole range of styles over the years and has inspired numerous other genres of dance like Hip Hop, House, Funk, Lyrical etc. It all comes from jazz.


But Jazz is originated in African dance and swing dance and in Authentic Jazz we celebrate that wonderfully joyous style of swing and jazz music and dance like they did in the 30´s and 40´s


In Authentic Jazz it is more about style and making it swing then it is about technique.


Authentic Jazz is taught in Open Level.

Everyone is welcome!

Show Jazz

Show Jazz is the class where all styles that are influnced and inspired by Jazz dance and the world of theatre is represented. From old authentic jazz in the styles of Matt Mattox and Fred Astaire, which inspired by legendary musical choreographers like Bob Fosse, which again inspired great artist like Michael Jackson and many others.


We also practice dancing and moving in high heels, to get a graceful style and elegance.


Show Jazz is taught in Open Level but having a basic experience with Jazz dance is recommended.

Everyone is welcome!