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Audition for the 2017/18 program:

Send the application to schedule an individual audition

The total fee for the 1 year education is:

DKK 42.000,-​​


The fee can be paid in full before season starts or as installments throughout the year.​


The fee can also be paid in installments during the year. An additional fee of 8% of the total fee will be added. IMPORTANT: The fee can also be paid immediately within three weeks of the signed contract. Then 8% will be deducted!

Auditions are held both as open auditions and individually if it is decided necessary by the management.
INDIVIDUAL AUDITIONS consist of the following:
  1. Taking part in two open classes upon upon agreement with the school.
  2. Personal interview



We have no specific requirements to how much dance training you have previously had. We evaluate students primarily based on their ability to develop; whether you have a good physique that is trainable, is flexible, openminded etc. We are supposed to teach you to dance and give you the technique you need. However the best way to make a good impression is to make sure that you know what theatrical dance is all about. If you have taken a ballet, modern class or jazz class before then you know what it is and can better respond to the directions we give you at the audition.
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